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Today we all try to avoid meetings with a large number of people, however, there is a need to continue working: to sign contracts and other electronic documents. In this article, we will look at the functionality of the Docsend software.

Transfer business communication to electronic space

The development of human civilization is accompanied by an impressive increase in the amount of information created, processed, and stored. The changes in the demand for information began to impose new requirements for the organization of information and documentation services at the enterprise. Management activity and functioning of any enterprise in all developed countries are carried out using documents which at the same time are a source, result, and the tool of this activity.

As the amount of information increases, the inefficiency of using paper documents becomes more and more obvious. Manual search and processing of documents slow down the work of the organization. In addition, paperwork has such disadvantages as the long preparation of approvals, and hence the low speed of information processing and response to new influences; low speed of information transfer to decision-makers. Moreover, the use of paper documents required significant material, personnel costs, and significant time costs for its processing. In today’s economy, paperwork is unable to provide fast and efficient processing of large amounts of information, which depends on the success of any enterprise.

The development of global communications in business and everyday life has led to the emergence of a new area of relationships, the subject of which is the electronic exchange of data. It has solved many office problems, but as often happens, it has given rise to new ones. The crazy rhythm of a modern office, a virtual amount of correspondence and several hundred addressees sometimes create even more chaos than banal paper documents 20 years ago. Therefore, special programs have been developed. There are many electronic document management solutions in the information technology market. Here we are going to talk about DocSend cloud-based software. Cloud services are hosted on cloud servers and work through a browser.

Electronic document management with DocSend, exchange without restrictions!

DocSend is a platform for the secure exchange of documents and analytics. It is a service for exchanging with legal partners primary documents that have legal force, directly from your accounting system. DocSend only works with PDF files. So, to interact with the service, it is necessary to translate all text files into this format. Instead of using attachments, Docsend allows you to share secure links to them, their creator can track actions performed on the data (time and duration), and also control access to them.

DocSend solution is used for the following purposes:

  • fundraising,
  • investor relations,
  • sales,
  • account management,
  • team training
  • onboarding new employees.


When exchanging documents, the transfer standard is implemented using the so-called envelope, which is packed: XML – file, which contains all the information in electronic form for download to the accounting system, PDF – a visually presented document (scanned copy of the document), and attached file – any file in if necessary.

The creators of the service take into account the problems of access and protection of information, so the DocSend toolkit allows you to easily set passwords, set the access period to the document, and also indicate the nature of work with the file. This includes: view-only and viewing with the option to upload a file. Thus, each recipient can have his own, defined by the sender, type of access. At the same time, the owner can always change any restrictions and special characteristics of access.

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