5 Ways to Improve your information security

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The attention to information security problems is growing. International standards have been developed and are being successfully implemented. But there are more and more cases of data loss. Is it a paradox?

How to build a secure business structure?

The effectiveness of the information security system created in the company today depends not only on its competitive advantages but often also on the ownership of the business itself. After all, hostile M&A deals very often begin with information leaks, based on which a raider operation is planned. This is why this line of business is critical to the success and viability of any business organization.

Information security of the enterprise is the protection of information owned by the enterprise (produces, transmits, or receives) from unauthorized access. The main goal of data security is to maintain the required level of security at the enterprise, as well as to maintain the continuity of production. The main threat to information security in both areas is the penetration of malicious software into the system through:

  • the use of data transfer mechanisms, such as file sharing, as well as FTP;
  • the exploitation of vulnerabilities in network software that allow malicious code to penetrate the system;
  • auto copy files from USB sticks, CDs, DVDs, etc. into the system.

5 Ways to raise your information security

Planning is the best method to get away from breaching an enterprise’s information security. Our cybersecurity tips for your business are a great way to start building up your cyber defenses:

  • Conduct an expert assessment of information security risks

The first step to take in managing security is assessing the current state of affairs. It is not possible to eliminate all risks, but we will help you achieve them at an acceptable level for your operating environment. This includes assessing threats to software, networks, control systems, security policies and procedures, and analyzing employee behavior.

  • Study information security standards

First of all, you should study the standards of the ISO 2700x series. They contain introductory terminology and give an idea of the basic principles and methods of building an information security system. It is also advisable to familiarize yourself with the previous standard – BS 7799. As a priority, it is generally recommended to expand an information security policy or concept. However, these steps are only the beginning of the journey. After all, the developed policy and the approved concept must be implemented.

  • Install the best security software

Today most companies prefer using cloud-based software to provide secure file exchange. Virtual Data Room is a ready-made product designed to create distributed archives, maintain quality standards, manage projects in distributed project teams, organize corporate office work, and dynamically manage the content of corporate intranet portals.

  • Adjust the order of access to content

The procedure for providing access to information must be described and enshrined in regulations, and the period for completing this procedure should be minimal since the competitiveness of the company depends on it. At the same time, excessive simplification of this procedure is fraught with another danger – there is a possibility of unauthorized access to confidential information.

  • Install systems for Data backup

There is always the possibility that data could be stolen or lost, so you should always have backups of your important files. To further protect your data backups, be sure to keep your external hard drive in a secret location. It’s important to note that this strategy only works if the data location is also protected.

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